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more inches of rainfall as soon as saturday evening. so heavy rain just about to move into the bay area and it's going to be here for the better part of 3 days. roberta gonzales is reporting live from napa. not every rainstorm not every big storm is created the same. >> reporter: light rain on and off again all day winds south at 15 miles per hour. the last time i was standing right here reporting on that river, the napa river was new year's eve 1997 and new year's day 1998. this flooded local businesses. that was due to el nino. even though we are expecting a foot of rain here in napa between today and sunday night, coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you why we don't anticipate the same kind of flooding. that's tonight at 6:00 right
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here on cbs 5. reporting from napa, roberta gonzales cbs 5. and as you just heard, the north bay is going to get hammered but one spot in particular really needs to watch out. in the past, heavy rains have flooded san anselmo creek inundating the downtown with water. voters approved a tax for prevention projects five years ago. but the money has been tied up in court most of the time. now there's about $10 million waiting to be spent. >> there are efforts that -- planning efforts and more to develop what are called retention ponds in upstream areas the idea of which is to slow down the downstream onslaught of water that happens in big rain events. >> the town may be on alert but not everyone there is happy about being on the news. ahead at 6:00, cbs 5's mike sugerman explains why. we might be seeing more of this before all is said and done. this tree came down in san francisco's bernal heights
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neighborhood. crews were trying to clean it up this morning. there have been a number of trees that have come down in many parts of the bay area. >> pg&e crews doing what they can to reduce power outages during the next storms. they took advantage of the little break in the weather to make headway trimming teresa way from the power lines. yesterday more than 1100 homes lost power in pacifica due to downed power lines. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez in san francisco where crews are also working to prevent sewage spills during the storm. joe. >> reporter: around ocean beach, light rain right now. the wind starting to whip up. you know, they have just finished cleaning up from that sewage spill from last week. they are hoping they won't have to come back out here again. it will be a busy weekend for you. absolutely. this is when we go into overdrive. >> reporter: jean walsh spokesperson for the san francisco public utilities commission says city crews will be hard at work this weekend
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making sure water and sewage systems can handle the expected storm drainage. just last week a small downpour forced sewer water out of a manhole that was welded shut sending raw sewage on to ocean beach. could that happen agai? >> we hope not. we have cleared the system to deal with the onslaught of water. >> reporter: that unexpected leak of untreated water happened before six years ago. separately there are occasional discharges into the ocean part of the combined system that combines sewage with rain runoff running through the same pipes. in those release, the water is treated making sure no solids escape into the ocean. >> the beauty of a combined system is that we protect the bay and ocean because we treat the water. in san francisco we treat it and that's good. but it has a downside and when we have these heavy rains that fall in a short period of time,
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our system reaches capacity and we do these discharges. >> reporter: you can see the sign is still up which means the city is still advising people not to get in the water and given the storm conditions that are on the way, would you have to be crazy to get out there, which means we will be bringing you people in the water over the next couple of days during our coverage. [ chuckling ] >> joe vazquez, cbs 5. and we'll have more on the come storm a bit later. chief meteorologist paul deanno will be back to tell us when we'll expect the heaviest rainfall and julie watts with what to expect from insurance companies before they pay for storm damage. to find out what's happening in your neighborhood use our interrer active high-def doppler radar online. log on to our website, the long battle over a historic northern california oyster farm is over tonight. the drakes bay oyster company along point reyes national
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seashore will be shut down converted back to a wilderness area. u.s. interior secretary ken salazar decided not to renew the farm's lease which expires at the end of the month. he says that it should be returned to wilderness for future generation to enjoy. other bay area headlines, a manhunt is on for an intruder who snuck into a woman's palo alto apartment as she slept. police say the victim woke just after 2 a.m. to find the man in a dark hooded sweatshirt standing in her room. investigators think he intended to rape her. he took off when she started screaming. in oakland, no agreement yet on whether to hand control of the police department over to federal authorities. today was the deadline for both sides to try to come an agreement on the next step to handle oakland's troubled police department. attorneys for the police union filed papers this month criticizing department leadership. they say they have been ineffective and failed to implement court reforms.
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hopes for a budget deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" inched stocks higher today. a pair of strong economic reports also brightened the mood. the dow closed up 37 points. nasdaq gained 20. s&p added 6. republican lawmakers and the white house are working overtime tonight to avoid the "fiscal cliff" stepping up phone calls and meetings within the last 24 hours. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is on capitol hill where the two sides are still talking. reporter: president obama dispatched his chief negotiator tim geithner to capitol hill to work on a "fiscal cliff" deal. house speaker john boehner came out of his meeting with the treasury secretary demanding the white house get serious about spending cuts. >> no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. >> reporter: if a compromise isn't reached soon, automatic tax hikes and steep budget cuts will kick in january 1. geithner moved from one end of
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the capitol to the other encouraging lawmakers to sign off on an extension of middle class tax cuts now. democrats say their position is clear and they want a serious offer from republicans. >> the american people want us to avoid the "fiscal cliff" with a balanced approach. >> reporter: geithner is here in the halls of congress trying to clear some big hurdles with republicans. once a deal is closer president obama will take over the talks. so far independent senator joe lieberman is not encouraged. >> if we go over the cliff it's going to send the country back into recession. >> reporter: vice president joe biden stopped by a washington, d.c. costco thursday to help the white house's public campaign for a deal. >> consumer confidence is growing. the last thing we need to do is dash that now by being unable to extend middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: the vice president said if those tax cuts aren't extended, the average american family stands to lose $2,200
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next year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. talk about a power lunch. president obama and mitt romney met privately at the white house to have lunch. their first face-to-face meeting since the campaign debate. aides say the president wanted to discuss romney's ideas for making government run more smoothly. >> somebody with governor romney's experience clearly could have insight into how to maximize efficiency in an operation like the federal government. >> the white house says the plan has no plan to offer romney a job. there's hope the friendly meeting will inspire bipartisan cooperation on capitol hill. former president george h.w. bush is in a houston hospital this evening getting treatment for a lingering cough. the 88-year-old has been in and out of the hospital for bronchitis. he is in stable condition and is expected to go home in a few
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days. a supersized spending spree. apple is taking over a part of the south bay where it plans to spread out, next. >> and cops hear a lot of excuses for bad driving but wait until you hear what one driver blamed for this parking lot smashup. a day late, $500 million short. california decides to get in the game one day after that huge powerball jackpot. ,, ,,,,,,
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and for the tech giant appl, and for the tech giant appl, another expansion from its cupertino roots into neighbg room the apple doesn't tall far from the tree and for the tech giants apple, another expansion from its cupertino roots into neighboring santa clara will mean more room to grow. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez is live in the south bay where support for the move is high. len. >> reporter: that's right. you know, those electronic devices very popular at christmastime and you can bet that a good number of them under the tree will have that apple logo on it. now this company is expanding and that's also good news for a growing number of south bay cities. take a look around the apple
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campus in cupertino at lunchtime and you see a company bursting at the seams. workers filling the sidewalks, cars filling the streets and parking lots. that's the hustle bustle santa clara mayor jaime matthews says apple will bring to his city. >> this is great news. it's the first major expansion into santa clara by apple. >> reporter: it's just a hole in the ground now but apple is investing in two buildings with 300,000 square feet on north stevens creek boulevard near the cupertino border. it will be the future workplace for 1200 apple employees. >> it's exciting because what it says is apple is recovering and continuing to move and expand and grow and we are excited to be part of it. >> reporter: the ink isn't dry on plans for apple's round glass spaceship building to replace its main headquarters in cupertino and the company has already gobbled up space in sunnyvale, now santa clara. a real estate broker says that can only help the lackluster market. >> san jose is next in line and we are starting to feel that interest from tenants coming into this marketplace and so
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the expansion is continuing southward and eastward. >> reporter: it is a major coup for santa clara with the new 49ers stadium under construction, the city expanding its profile if not its footprint. >> we are considering about 19 square miles but we are using them to the maximum capacity to ensure we have the revenues to be sustainable. >> reporter: apple is it not only company expanding in this area. in fact, its main rival' competitor google is also buying up large sections of mountain view so they say that competition is good for the consumer? apparently also very good for the real estate market. live in los gatos, len ramirez, cbs 5. california is getting in the game. the first chance you will get to buy a powerball ticket. then as the storm bears down, are you covered? why simply having insurance isn't always enough. the steps night take now to make sure your storm damage claims get paid. >> and i'm meteorologist paul
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deanno with a look at high-def doppler radar. marin county out to vallejo, moderate to heavy rainfall. how long is this mess going to stick around? i have the answer as to when it's all going to end coming up. ,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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s5 consumerwatch storms packing expected 6" of rain can do a lot of damage to homes and property. doesn't take a lot of time. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what housework and homework homeowners need to do to minimize their losses. reporter: he is trying to stay one step ahead of the storm. a decision don fielding hopes will pay off. >> i thought it was cleaner than it really is. >> reporter: with powerful storms expected to pound streets, soak cars and tear up trees it's time for homeowners like don to be pro-active. >> best pieces of advice is to be sure your home is ready for the next storm. >> reporter: this insurance industry spokesman says if you expect your insurance to cover storm damage, your insurance company expects you to put in some prep work. >> one of the things you have to remember is that insurance policy is not a maintenance policy. >> reporter: you should be checking for leaks, clean
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gutters and lower water in the pool. clear obstructions around your property so water goes around it. a standard policy should cover most storm-related damage to the home or land. but there is one important exception. water damage. while they will cover leaks from the rain above, home insurance policies don't cover damage from water that seeps in from below even if the water comes from a rain-swollen creek. for that you will need flood insurance. but he says if you don't already have it, it's too late for this storm. flood insurance policies take 30 days to kick in. >> even if you bought it today it's not available for you. >> reporter: in filing a homeowners claim even using the word flood could get you denied. consumer advocates warn to you use your words carefully and remember to cover storm damage to your car you must have a comprehensive car insurance policy. if you have a consumer question, call us at 1-888-5-
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helps-u. >> see what you mean. housework and homework. >> certainly. >> thank you. paul, let's get back to that high-def doppler radar. where's the storm right now? >> we have a lot of rainfall out there slowly moving from the north to the south. you're watching us in san jose, what rainfall, not seeing any? you won't for six or seven hours. this is a slow mover. that's why we have the flood concern. it's not getting out quickly. so hi-def doppler showing the rainfall moving into the greater san francisco area. but look at how far north you have to go to see a clearing line. you can't. would you have to go north to crescent city -- you would have to go north to crescent city. it won't clear out until tomorrow night. see that you will rainfall north of the golden gate? this one is for you here. this is why we put our radar where we did because the stormiest, juiciest weather comes from the north and west. that's why we put our radar on mount vaca. watch what happens when turn off the radar and only use the weather service radar. basically don't see anything. it looks like it's not even raining at clear lake and santa
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rosa but it's pouring right now. that's the difference that hi- def doppler can show you have. that's what we'll show you over the next several days. rainfall totals it's a lot. we are not expecting widespread river flooding because it's november and the rivers are low. but napa will likely see five to nine inches of rain, mill valley 5 to 8" of rainfall. san mateo up to half foot and san jose 3 to 5" of rain. that means a lot of snow in the mountains. this could be epic skiing weather for you come the top of next week especially above 7500 feet. by friday, we are looking at two to three feet of new snow. by sunday we could be looking at 100 inches of new snow at the highest elevations of the sierra. all of this because of a river of moisture which is moving into the pacific ocean and through the pacific ocean all the way to the west coast. here's a look at satellite and radar. i want to show you this because you can see this river of moisture just piling into the bay area. everything set up exactly as a computer forecast model said. low pressure, parked to our
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north and west. all this moisture hitting that wall getting banked off the wall and getting sent right into the bay area. so literally from hawaii to healdsburg this moisture has to travel a long way were you it's here and will be here through sunday and that flooding potential will be here all the way through the weekend. time things out for you futurecast, we'll start this evening, look at all this rain moving down. tomorrow sloppy. here comes the rain. follow the clock with me all the way through sunday. this rain is going nowhere. we'll be stuck with it through the weekend what to expect? we're wet tomorrow. tomorrow will be a mess. plan on taking about twice as long to get from point a to point b. mother nature reloading on saturday. heavy rain saturday night. finally will be out of here by sunday evening. highs tomorrow low 60s. redwood city 63. san rafael 62. it will be messy. it will be sunny finally by the top of next week and next week looks so much drier. but now through sunday, the concern level is elevated thank think rivers aren't going to
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flood but there's going to be a lot of water in a short amount of time. it's going to be messy. a bay area car lot looked more like a demolition derby this morning. a trucker trashed 10 vehicles as he barreled through the business in san leandro overnight. but you know what? it night not be his fault. cbs 5 reporter da lin explains the driver was under a "spell" of sorts. >> reporter: this is how the accident scene looked from chopper 5. the driver of a big truck claims he had a sneezing attack and slammed into ten trucks in a used car lot in san leandro. surveillance cameras at a nearby business captured the crash. if you look carefully at this grainy video you can see a big truck plowing into a flatbed truck parked on the street. then from a different camera, watch as the front of the flatbed is tossed against other parked trucks in the used car lot. >> i was just like, no!! >> there's the damage to the back of the flatbed truck that
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took the first impact. chp officers say the big truck driver 42-year-old antonio dimora was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. it was an accident. you will notice the drive hit the brakes after he slammed into the flatbed. the chp says that information supports the driver's claim that he was distracted from the road after back-to-back-to-back at least three sneezes. the people who work at the united auto center say the accident totaled 7 parked trucks and damaged 3 others. >> a couple of these vehicles were sold. i have to call the people they are not available. >> it's just devastating because my dad built it from the ground up and this is -- he works seven days a week to put me and my sisters through college. >> reporter: workers at the used car dealership say they are glad no one was hurt. da lin, cbs 5. no longer wanting to be
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left out of the big powerball jackpots? california is going all in. when you can buy your first powerball ticket next. we got surprising numbers today that show america's economy is growing faster than we thought. what's causing the surge? we'll look at that tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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someone who walked into this store in phoenix, arizona cd ticket comes out of here. and it was that simple for somebody to win 200 whatever million they won. >> yeah. this much we know. somebody who walked into that store in phoenix, arizona is a multimillionaire. the other winning ticket for powerball sold in dearborn, missouri. the winners haven't come forward so we don't know how many people are splitting the prize. the jackpot reached $580 million before last night's drawing. and with the powerball saga being the talk of the nation, californians may feel left out.
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but a vote came down to sell starting lottery tickets in california in april. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec reports. >> every week twice a week super lotto, megaand even fantasy also. i try my luck. >> reporter: there is no shortage of dreamers in california. >> we give like 10 bucks a month and then we combine it. >> reporter: and we just had a winner in the bay area. ocean supermarket in milpitas sold a $14 million super lotto plus ticket in september and today, the state announced the winner's name, tyne nguyen. the store gets a half percent or $70,000. >> she is lucky. i hope the next will be me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and soon there will be a new game in town, the one that's had people lining up for days, powerball, the multi- state lottery. last night its jackpot was $580 million. but so far, californians have been left out of the fun. >> i would play. [ laughter ] >> reporter: california retailers could begin selling the $2 tickets in april of next year. >> powerball is expected to
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bring california an extra $90 to $120 million a year even though sales of our other games are expected to drop. that revenue goes to education. >> that's a good idea. it's a big help. >> reporter: in milpitas, anne makovec, cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're working on for the 6:0 news. a bay area councilman says's being politically punished. the history of fri i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. a bay area councilman says he is being punished politically. the history of friction between him and the mayor of the city.
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and what the councilman says is a childish change. plus, seeking a specific kind of candidate today. the life experience these bay area job seekers share. the stories and much more at 6:00. >> all right, dana, thanks. we'll see you then. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on >> check out the doppler radar. >> hi-def doppler. our radar is your radar. there you go. [ laughter ] >> we're giving that way. stay dry. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, a surprising surge. >> pelley: tonight, a surprising surge. the economy is growing faster than we thought. anthony mason on whether it can last. the u.n. votes on whether to recognize palestine as a state. jim axle road is at the u.n. aden pizzey is with the palestinians. we knew the polar ice was melting, but today we learned how fast. >> we're seeing it here.

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